The Monthly Shirt Club Is Here – Special Discount For My Blog Readers

For months Fashion Metric customers have been asking us for a subscription service. As many of you know, our company was started out of Lean Startup Machine which focuses on listening to your customer and only adding features when customers are asking for it.

We work with customers every day and have been learning a lot about how men shop for clothes online. What we learned is that most guys really don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, they want to spend their time doing something else. What guys do want is a store that shows them everything in their size, in-stock, on one virtual shelf.

So we built that store and then guys started asking us, “I love the shirts I’m finding on Fashion Metric, can I just put it on autopilot so you send me something every month?”

As of today the answer to this question is, yes!


Customers can now choose from three different options based on their budget. Every month we’ll send them an awesome shirt that will fit their body, match their style, and fall within their price range.

The cost is $49.99/month and this subscription fee comes directly off the price of what you buy. Don’t like the shirt we send? Don’t worry, returns are free and the subscription fee is also returned as a store credit.

Given the demand we have limited space in this first shipment but I wanted to send an extra-special offer to my blog readers. If you sign-up within the next 24-hours you can save 50% on your first month’s subscription. Simply enter code: MORGANLINTONCOM at checkout.

Like I said space is limited and I’m really not just saying that. So if you like to look good but aren’t crazy about shopping for clothes, give the Fashion Metric Monthly Shirt Club a try.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton