The E-Commerce Store Battle Begins: Mike from WannaDevelop vs. Rob from Epik

As you all know I like to stay far-away from controversy – I use my blog as an educational tool rather than a propaganda machine. While I don’t cover news often, sometimes there is something going on in the industry that I think is particularly interesting or newsworthy. If you read every day like I do then you’ve probably noticed heavy advertising for, a new e-commerce development service by Mike Cohen from

Mike does a great job of advertising and branding and you always know when he launches something new. However, as happens in business all the time, he started to move-into Epik territory and I can see a battle brewing.

Epik has been the dominant player in this space and seeing burst into the limelight Rob has posted his concerns about the monetization potential of Amazon Stores, the foundation of’s platform. If you look on today you can see two of Mike’s ads with Rob’s directly below – the battle has begun.

Now as for my use of the word “Battle” please don’t take me too seriously here. This really is just a good example of friendly competition and I doubt either Mike or Rob have any real animosity towards each other. I do have to say though the word “Battle” does make this sound a bit more exciting doesn’t it?

I have a ton of respect for both Mike and Rob and wish them both success with their services. Since I have not had a chance to play-around with SiteDepot or Epik I can’t comment on how effective either solution is. If you’ve used either service feel free to share your opinion and help educate other Domainers that might be looking for an e-commerce development solution.

Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton