The Domaining Trifecta

This week Rick Schwartz, Rick Latona, and Howard Neu announced they will be joining forces in what I am calling the “Domaining Trifecta” to take the TRAFFIC shows to the next level! In my opinion this could mark one of the single most important partnerships to take-place in the Domaining industry.

The end-result is a total of six shows planned for 2010 and the forward momentum our industry needs to really grow into a major market. Since I started Domaining back in 2007 the problem has always been awareness. Whenver I try to explain to friends and family about Domain Investing and Domaining, they ask me if there are other people doing this or if it’s just me.

This oftentimes leads me to show them sites like and DNJournal as proof that I’m not crazy but actually part of a growing, thriving industry. It has been very exciting to see the Domaining world grow over past two years but more exciting to see where it is headed. With these three legendary Domainers working together it is inevitable that we are getting close to a time when you can tell someone “I’m a Domainer” and they say “cool – I hear that is growing industry.”

I look forward to attending as many of these shows as I possibly can and continue networking with the Domaining community. As more interest in ccTLD’s grows and new opportunities like .co appear I think this market is going to get big, and get big fast.

I’m hoping that when people look at the Domaining world in 2019 they say – “if only I started in 2009!” I believe we are still at the very beginning of something incredible and I am excited to be here at a time when anything is possible.

Thanks to the new “Domaining Trifecta” for always inspiring and promoting the industry and I look forward to an exciting 2010!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton