, the API for your bank account is getting a lot of attention on Y Combinator’s Hacker News


There’s a new startup that’s trending like crazy on Y Combinator’s insanely popular Hacker News – which is currently hanging out in the #2 spot with 425 points (which is a lot). It’s no secret that the .IO domain name extension has been a massive hit with startups, particularly anything targeting developers. Quick reminder, most people think .IO stands for “Input/Output” but in reality it’s a ccTLD (that’s country code top level domain) and actually stands for Indian Ocean. is a solid name for this API as it’s an API for your bank account. They are actually solving a real problem, one that you probably don’t run into all that often, but developers do all the time. The problem is that it’s actually hard for developers to get realtime bank data, which means that apps that your average developer builds lags behind reality. Bigger companies with direct relationships with a bank get all the premium access and you’re left building an app that might leave your users with day old data.

How many times have you thought to yourself “Damn, I really wish my bank account had an API”? I bet the answer is a lot. Well, today is the last day you will ever think that again because we are pleased to announce that the Teller API beta program is now open to the public. (Source –

Along with super fast access to banking data, is also the first banking API that can actually move money and manage your accounts. If you’re a developer and want to take for a spin, the beta is now open to the public – you can sign-up here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton