Techstars Announces Berlin Program As The #1 Global Startup Accelerator Continues to Expand

Techstars Berlin

As many of you know, Daina and I went through Techstars in Austin over the summer. Techstars is ranked as the #2 Startup Accelerator in the US and #1 globally, and today they announced a new program in Berlin that will launch in June of this year.

“We’ve had our eye on the burgeoning Berlin tech scene for some time, well aware the US or the UK doesn’t have a monopoly on either tech skills or entrepreneurship. The current business climate here means we can work with an incredibly broad spectrum of German and international teams and top talent.” (David Cohen, Techstars CEO – source TechCrunch)

It’s no secret that the global startup scene is really heating up and while it can be easy to focus on the US if you live here, it’s not hard to understand that all across the world passionate entrepreneurs are building amazing things. The new Techstars program will be led by Jens Lapinski who previously ran the Techstars London program.


Jens is an serial entrepreneur himself who developed, patented and licensed a new water technology while he was getting his PhD at Cambridge University. After that he was a VP at Library House (now Dow Jones) which he helped grow from 7 to 50 people during his time there. After that he founded aiHit, a provider of automated company data to the business information industry a company that has raised over $7M and is still up and running strong today.

As if that wasn’t enough, after all of this Jens started co-founded Forward Labs, a startup studio in London. So suffice it to say that as usual Techstars has found the best-of-the-best to run their programs.

Photo Credit: János Balázs via Compfight cc

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton