Taking Domains To The Masses – Protrada Joins Forces With Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki

As an industry Domaining has been almost completely unknown around the world, but that’s all about to change. Protrada, the company behind the popular Domain Investing Platform that myself and many other Domainers have been raving about, is going big, real big.

It’s something that’s always been frustrating to me and I’ve voiced it here on my blog many times. When you go to a Domaining conference, it’s all Domainers, there are no Doctors, Lawyers, or other institutional investors. I have always felt that our conferences could be much bigger if the audience grew, but that takes telling the masses about Domaining, and inspiring them to join the industry.

Right now our biggest conference is under 1,000 people, I can see a future where our biggest conference is 10,000 people or more. I can see a future where you go to a conference, walk-into the auction and look at half the room seeing all Domainers you recognize, and the other half of the room? That’s all Doctors, Lawyers, and regular institutional investors who invest $xxx,xxx annually, but just never knew our little industry existed!

Donald Trump

Next week, Troy Rushton, the CEO of Protrada will be taking the stage to present Domain Investing to an audience of 8,000 people. Some big names will be presenting at this conference including Donal Trump, Anthony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki. This is the beginning of a new program Protrada is putting together to get Domain Investing out to the masses.

“Introducing domaining to a new audience will greatly benefit the industry as a whole,” said Troy Rushton, CEO and founder of Protrada.“Every time I attend industry conferences, domainers tell me the greatest barrier to industry growth is a lack of liquidity which would be remedied by new investors. We have an opportunity to help solve that problem for the benefit of all stakeholders and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing at NAC 2012 in San Jose.”

I could not be more excited about this event, it really is the beginning of a movement that I strongly believe will change our space forever and bring more investors and liquidity in than ever before.

Later in April I will be taking the stage myself and getting a new generation of Domain Investors pumped up and excited about an industry that has changed my life and many others. Like my blog posts and my book I will be sharing the realities of Domain Investing and dispelling common myths. As anyone who’s done this for years knows, Domain Investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it is a real investment strategy that times, time, money, and learning from your mistakes.

What Protrada is putting together will compile some incredible lessons learned by my myself, Adam Dicker, Braden Pollock, Shane Cultra and many more. I couldn’t think of a better company to put an event like this together and I can wait to share the adventures and growth of our industry with all of you.

Get ready, starting next week our little space is going to get a lot bigger! Domain Investing is finally going to the masses!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton