Stop Registering TM Domains! Use BEFORE registering your domains!

Last week at the Affiliate Convention in Los Angeles I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful, inspired people that make money with Affiliate Marketing. As I walked from booth-to-booth I would introduce myself as a Domain Investor. I soon learned I had to explain this a bit more if I didn’t want to brand myself as a Trademark-happy cybersquatter.

The first booth I went to I got the following response when I told them I was a Domain Investor, “oh, so you register Trademark domains and try to make money with them?” It took me by surprise at first…but then I started to make some sense of it.

Think about it – Domainers make big news when someone squats on a Celebrity’s name not when a nice five or six-figure sale takes place. Think of all the incredible domain sales that took-place in 2009…now how many of those made major news?

Everyone should be taking the time to make sure they aren’t infringing on a major Trademark BEFORE registering a domain name. is a great service to get an estimate of your domain’s potential re-sale value and ensure you aren’t violating any Trademarks. It takes under a minute to check this in Valuate so if you aren’t sure – just check!

Together we can all put the focus on the great things people are doing in this industry. Thanks to Francois for making and providing an easy way for Domainers to make sure they aren’t squatting on someone else’s Trademark!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton