StimulusChecks(dot)info hits the Jackpot

A few posts ago I mentioned a new domain I had flipped – Well only a few days later the hits started pouring-in and right now the domain is making around $10/day just through Google Adsense alone! Within the first week this site was up I received over 200 hits/day!

This is a great example of how having top keywords in your domain name can allow you to rank well on Google. I use Google Analytics to track where the traffic is coming from and most of the visitors are coming from Google searching where this site ranks very well for StimulusChecks since this is in the domain name itself.

While .com is certainly still the kind of TLD’s this does show the great potential that .info names have since they will rank just as nicely on search engines as the other, more popular TLD’s.

I have the domain for sale now if anyone is interested. Please email me with your offer and I can provide full stats and traffic details. BIN set at $2,000 (less than 10x monthly revenue!).

Every once and a while a flip hits the Jackpot right-away – this is a perfect example of having a name that is very pertinant to current news and thus gets incredible traffic right-away.

Happy Flipping!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton