Startup Monday: The Startup Conference LA Starts in 12 hours!

The Los Angeles startup scene is growing like crazy, earning it the new nickname – Silicon Beach. While Silicon Valley maybe the Goliath of the startup world, Los Angeles is playing catch-up and quickly. The Lean Startup movement definitely has tons of supporters down here with the Lean LA Meetup group boasting over 1,300 members and organizations like Coloft are creating some of the most creative spaces full of brilliant people, talented people.

Another great step-into the mainstream startup scene is The Startup Conference which previously has been held in the Silicon Valley and Paris and now comes to Los Angeles tomorrow. The conference was previously called the Founders Conference but the name changed with its move to LA.

To get a feel for the conference you can find a few videos from Silicon Valley last year.

Daina and I will be at the conference all day and I’ll be covering it live on my blog. This year we have really enjoyed going to startup conferences and this looks like out of the best. Stay-tuned and get ready to join in Silicon Beach. You can view the full schedule for tomorrow here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton