Startup Monday: TechStars Superstar Launches Beta Today, a new startup from popular accelerator TechStars launched its public beta today. This definitely won’t be the only time you’ll hear about since they are also the star of a new reality show on Bloomberg. So what does Shelby do? They provides a slick solution for bringing together all the video content your buddies share on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr all in one place. Of course, like any social service, they make it super simple to share this content with more friends – can someone say more viral videos coming soon?


So far Shelby has raised 1.73 million in funding but most of what’s been done so far has been made possible with less than $300,000 in funding. This is another great example of what is possible in the web software space thanks to agile development techniques and awesome startup accelerators like TechStars.

I was pretty excited to give Shelby a try this morning but it looks like I’m not the only one. When trying to login I encountered a pretty entertaining video of a child talking about dinosaurs and a note that “Shelby isn’t feeling well.”


I especially like the small note at the bottom, “maybe you should go outside?”

Of course I see this as nothing but a good thing, it sounds like there are probably more beta users trying to access the system than they expected. Feedback is so important to any business so having more people than you expect wanting to try out your software that’s a pretty exciting thing.

I can’t wait to take for a spin and look forward to watching this company grow. With a phenomenal team and amazing mentors the sky really is the limit for Shelby.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton