Startup Monday: Make a Viral “Coming Soon” Page for your Startup

This weekend I found-out about a very cool Startup, that does something very cool for Startups. The company is called Launch Rock and they provide a service that allows companies to easily create viral “coming soon” pages for their Startups. While the idea is quite simple, the viral element is huge and Launch Rock themselves have become a bit of a rock star pretty quickly thanks to their own creation.


Even signing-up for the service is a viral process. You start by entering your email address, you can’t actually create an account until three people that you’ve recommended the service to, sign-up as well. Doesn’t get more viral than that does it? Once three people sign-up you’ll see a page like the one below which appears now that I’ve had three people sign-up:


Since I hit my 3 sign ups I received an email from Launch Rock with my login details. Tonight Daina and I are setting-up the launch page for Xelot and we’ll be Tweeting it out so everyone can take a look. Very cool service and something that I think is great for Startups that want to generate some buzz and keep track of people interested in their product or service. We’ll be offering a discount to people who follow-us in the pre-launch stage so there is also a benefit to joining and sharing.

So if you want to go viral with your Startup before launch, Launch Rock has the solution you are looking for, or at least the solution we were!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton