Startup Monday: I Got Accepted Into Lean Startup Machine In New York City!

A few weeks ago a read about an incredible program called Lean Startup Machine taking place in New York City. It is honestly unlike anything I’ve every heard of before, a fusion between MBA-like educational opportunities coupled with a startup accelerator – in fact they call it the world’s leading bootcamp on lean startup methodology! The moment I heard about this I knew that I wanted to be a part of it…the problem was you had to apply to get in and only a limited number of applicants would be approved…oh and it was all the way across the country.

So I applied and yesterday morning I woke-up to find an email telling me I had been accepted! I honestly didn’t believe it at first, then I realized, wow – I’m going to New York City in four days! It was a bit surreal feeling at first. I’ve applied to a number of programs like this along with events like TechCrunch Disrupt but not once have I been accepted. Like most things in life though you have to keep on trying knowing that some day it will happen, and now it did!


The format for Lean Startup Machine is totally unique and I can’t wait to get started, here’s a quick look at the agenda:

Thursday: Team building and Ideation, this is a new addition to the event – an evening networking event to meet other entrepreneurs. I’m not 100% sure what Ideation is, however I think it means brainstorming and discussing the idea together as a group.

Friday: The bootcamp begins on Friday night and starts with pitches. I’ll be pitching an idea that I’ve had and hopefully inspiring some people to join in and create something that I think will be truly revolutionary. By 8:00PM our teams will be solidified and we’ll move right-into hearing talks from expert speakers. At 9:00PM there is something called “Execute” which I think means we’ll begin actually working with our team on the business, however I’m not entirely sure so I’ll have to let you know once I’m there!

Saturday: On Saturday doors open at 9:00AM and I think we spend the day working with our teams building our business. There is also a part of the program where we actually hit the streets of NYC and talk to real people about our idea and learn from potential customers – how cool is that! In the afternoon there is a lunch workshop, then a dinner workshop in the evening, a leader meeting at 7:00pM, and then at 11:00PM the venue closes…only one day left!

Sunday: AT 9:00AM the doors open and once again I imagine we’ll be spending the day with our teams. There is a lunch workshop at noon and then presentation slides are due by 3:15PM. At 4:00PM the judges take their seats and winners are announced at 6:00PM!

It’s still a bit surreal feeling, I can’t believe this is really happening but it’s a step along my adventures in life that I am ready to take. There have been some pretty exciting companies coming-out of Lean Startup Machine, like CityPockets which raised over $750,000 in seed funding from Great Oaks Venture Capital and MI Ventures after attending the program. It is an amazing opportunity and I am honored to be a part of it!


So get ready everyone because of course, I’m bringing all of you with me! I’ll be covering my daily adventures in Lean Startup Machine live on my blog so you can follow-along. My flight leaves Wednesday morning – New York City, here I come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton