Startup Monday – Evening Edition

Hello and good evening everyone! Today has been a very exciting day with the announcement of my partnership with iGoldrush! Since it is Startup Monday, and I do have a lot of readers who like this series I wanted to make sure to still squeeze Startup Monday in today.

Shane wrote a great post today looking at what names Startups are using right now by reviewing the last 25 startups mentioned on TechCrunch. The biggest trend that was found was the TLD used, not surprisingly .COM. Lots of startups went with hand-registered or cheap names even if they had received millions in funding. Of course this doesn’t mean that startups don’t spend money on domains, however it’s fair to assume that most Startups spend very little on their domain.

Today I thought I would share a must-watch video for anyone that wants to learn more about how venture capitalists think. While you might not be looking for VC money yourself, there’s a lot you can learn about how other successful investors think. Since most of my blog readers are domain investors I see a bit of venture capitalist in each of us. We’re all trying to invest in spaces that are growing and we look at things like search volume and CPC just like investors look at available market and profit margins.

So if you’d like to get inside the head of a VC and hear their answers to a few interesting question, watch the video below and enjoy!

As always feel free to share your thoughts and comments below and happy Startup Monday!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton