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If you’re new to let me be the first to say – Welcome! I cover two somewhat related, somewhat unrelated topics on my blog because they are my passions:

  1. Startups – I work days, nights, and weekends as the co-founder of Bold Metrics, a venture-backed startup that has quickly become the gold standard for predicting body measurements algorithmically.
  2. Domain Names – some people invest in the stock market, some people invest in real estate, instead of letting my money sit in a bank account I invest it in domain names. By no means am I a domain expert, but I do love sharing what I learn about domain investing on my blog.

So if you’re new here and want to dive into any of these topics, here are three posts in each category I highly recommend to get you started. Also if you want to read more about Morgan’s company, Bold Metrics and his favorite weekend activity, read this post.


  1. Required reading for founders – How to Fix Startup Board Meetings
  2. Startup lessons learned: What a trade show can teach you about your team
  3. Reflections on building company culture at a seed stage startup

Domain Names

  1. Want to learn about Domain Investing? Don’t Forget, Most Advice Has An Expiration Date
  2. What should Domainers do with their undeveloped domains?
  3. How you respond to inbound offers on your domains could help, or hurt you