Small Business Sunday: Update On My Experiences With Media Piston

Back in April I wrote an article about a new content writing services I was trying out called Media Piston. I’ve now had over a month to use the platform and I have to say I’ve been very impressed and it’s quickly becoming our go-to source for articles. I started-out by placing template orders, these are simply orders that follow a certain format. The turn-around time was great but what really impressed me was the quality. The articles were well-written and you could tell the writers really put in the time to make them right, and rightly so since you can “favorite” writers and assign them directly to projects in the future.

Media Piston Order

I tested the Template Order with 12 different articles for three different sites and every single article was top-notch – awesome! This week I am taking the “Custom Order” for a spin which is a bit more expensive but allows you to specify the style and other details along with getting access to their top writers.

The platform itself is simple and well-designed so creating orders is quick and the backend system for viewing and managing your orders is easy to understand. I’ll be honest, I like it a LOT more than TextBroker so far, from interface to article quality it has won on all counts so far.

I’m looking forward to checking-out the Custom Orders and will of course share my experiences with all of you. Until then, back to your normally scheduled Sunday programming.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton