Small Business Sunday: Review of the new iPad, written on the new iPad

In case you didn’t already know I’m a huge Mac geek, have been since the early 90’s when I was a proud member of the Berkeley Mac Users Group. Of course things have changed a lot since then but I’ve continued to be a serious user. My phone, computer, and tablet are all made by Apple which is why I was so excited when the new iPad came-out.

I have had an iPad for a while now but opted not to get the iPad 2 because I knew a new iPad would soon come with the retina display and blow it out of the water. I also thought it was pretty lame to put such a wimpy camera in an iPad. Sure you won’t take a ton of photos on your iPad but it bugged me that Apple didn’t put their latest and greatest camera in it. So I waited…and i’m glad I did.

The big question everyone has with the new iPad is, does the screen really look THAT good. In one word I can confidently say, YES!

Let’s face it, many of us use the iPad for reading, whether it’s emails, eBooks, blogs, the iPad is a readers device. The new display makes all the difference in the world. Text is finally perfectly crisp making it easier on the eyes. The iPad itself is lightning fast, which is always nice…and they did right by the camera which made me happy.

This whole post was written in the iPad, sure it took a bit longer, but it just felt more authentic to do it this way. I typed right on the screen sitting here at LAX getting ready to head to New Zealand. That’s the best thing about the iPad, it’s easy, take it out anywhere and it’s instantly on an lightning fast. Now with a clearer screen Apple really has delivered a death blow to the Kindle and Nook.

So is it worth it? Absolutely, for Mac geeks or just avid tablet readers, this is the future of the tablet. Okay, time for dinner then onto my flight. Of course I’ll be reading some Domaining news on my iPad while I’m eating 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton