Small Business Sunday: Learn To Code In 2012

Small Business Sunday

Hello and welcome to my very first Small Business Sunday of 2012! To kick-off the new year with a bang I wanted to share something you can get started with this week. What I’m talking about is learning how to code. Now I’m not saying you have to become a programming ninja who spends eight hours a day writing code, but you can become dangerous enough to do some things yourself. Knowing just some HTML basics can help you better evaluate and hire a web development company. Looking to build an app? Learn the basics and you can start one yourself or better understand the qualifications you’re looking for in an app developer.

There’s a new solution that was recently launched that will help absolutely anyone learn how to code and it’s called Code Year. Once again, this doesn’t mean you have to become a programmer yourself, as a business owner you can better understand the complexity of your projects and the work involved. I think the quote from Paul Graham, the Founder of Y Combinator on the front page of the site really does say it all:

“If you want to invest two years in something that will help you, you would do better to learn how to hack than to get an MBA” (Paul Graham – Founder, Y Combinator)


Code Year has a very simple system – once a week an interactive programming lesson is sent to you via email. Follow these weekly courses and you’ll have some serious coding knowledge by the end of 2012. So if you always have great ideas but don’t have the first clue about how to turn those ideas into a reality, it’s time to get some coding basics under your belt. Code year is a free solution so there’s really no reason not to give it a try.

Note: As in all my Small Business Sunday Articles I do not know Code Year or any of the people at the company. They don’t know I’m writing this article and aren’t paying me a dime. I’m writing about this because it’s something I think can help a lot of small business owners out there just like you.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton