Small Business Sunday: Google Analytics Real-Time

Hello and welcome to Small Business Sunday here on! Today I wanted to talk about something that many of you might not know about, but I’d imagine just about all of you will love. Google Analytics has added a very cool feature (currently in beta) called Real-Time that, like the name says, allows you to see your traffic in realtime. Most small business owners are interested in driving traffic to their site and looking at daily, weekly, and monthly summaries is great, but there’s just something cool about seeing your traffic live in realtime.

Real-Time Analytics

(Click for larger image)

As you can see from the screen above you will see a large number at the top of the dashboard showing exactly how many people are on your site right now. You can also view pageviews per minute and per second. It’s pretty wild to watch this go on a high-traffic site, you can literally see people arriving at your site right after completing a search. Important data like Top Referrals and Top Keywords is available as well as a cool map that makes you feel a bit like James Bond.

There is absolutely no cost to use Google Analytics or this new feature. This can be particularly useful to businesses that are running radio or television campaigns as you can see exactly how many people are going to your site in realtime during and after your ad. Of course as a geek I also just like the fact that I can easily monitor my sites and view exactly who is on it and how they go there.


Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton