Small Business Sunday: Buy The Typos Of Your Brand Name

This might seem like a small piece of advice but in fact it could turn out to be a big one. Most companies just buy their brand name, and usually only in .COM. There are many people in the Domain Investing World who see this as an opportunity to make money and quickly grab the typos of a new or successful company. While your company is just starting-out and off the radar you might be safe, but the moment you hit TechCrunch or another major news source, someone is going to buy the typos of your brand, so why not just own them yourself?

So what’s the deal with Typos?

We live in a world full of people, not robots, and people make mistakes. Just think about this for yourself, how many times have you misspelled Google when you’re typing it into your browser bar? When people find-out about your brand and get excited about it they will most likely go to your brand name .COM and expect to find your site there…but what if they miss a letter? In that case they might not end up on your site at all, the problem is, they won’t necessarily know that.

If someone else owns the typo’s of your name then they have direct access to a segment of your potential customers. They can display whatever they want to this segment, from a page full of links, to misinformation like your company is going out of business, or even worse, forwarding to one of your competitors.

How do you find Typos?

DomainTools has a great tool that you can use to check for Typos called the “Domain Typo Finder”.

Domain Typo Finder

As you can see you simply enter your domain name and select what kind of typos you’re looking for and you’ll see all the different typos of your name. If you can grab the typos for your brand before anyone else does then you’ll own all your traffic, even that traffic coming from people who may have missed a key or two when trying to get to you.

You don’t need to go overboard, buying the top 10 or 20 typos is more than enough and for $100 – $200/year this is well worth it for any small business to protect their brand. Just think, as your business grows and you get more traffic, so will your typos, now don’t you want that traffic coming to you?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton