Small Business Saturday: New Macbook Packs a Serious Punch

Small Business Saturday

In this edition of Small Business Saturday I thought I would talk something that I am very passionate about – Apple. Yes, that’s right, I’m an Apple lover, however I’m not a recent convert – believe it or not I’ve been using a Mac since I was around 13. When you are running a business having a fast and reliable computer can go a long way. Let’s face it as Domainers our whole business revolves around two things, a computer and an Internet connection.

Apple recently released a new rev of their MacBook line and I couldn’t resist buying one. I ended-up picking the 13.3″ MacBook pro and here’s why:

  • Lightning fast – CNET said the new MacBook Pro’s were the fastest laptops they’ve ever tested
  • Incredible Battery Life – I travel a lot and often am away from a power point for long periods of time, the laptop gets 8-10 hours of life which is more than enough for me
  • Portable – as Apple’s smallest laptop this is a great travel computer that still packs desktop speeds
  • HD Cam – you guys know I’m a video nut, with a built-in HD cam I can record any of my wacky videos directly from the computer, edit in Final Cut Express and – viola – a portable filmings + editing station, try doing that with your netbook!
  • DVD Drive – I like having a DVD drive on my laptop, it may sounds a bit old school but I like the fact that I can install software, watch a DVD, or burn a video to DVD directly from my computer. Some people complain that it’s not a Blu Ray but that doesn’t bother me too much.
  • Thunderbolt Port – Apple’s new Thunderbolt port is the fastest port ever put on any computer. Although there is no device support yet this will be the new standard for transferring digital video.
  • It’s a Mac – sorry but once you go Mac you never go back. The entire experience of using a Mac is just more enjoyable and efficient than a PC. Installing apps means just dragging and dropping an icon, no viruses, and no crazy dll files floating all over the place becoming corrupt at random times. Hey I’m a Mac guy and this is the Mac of Macs!

I created an unboxing video when I first bought the computer – if you’d like to experience the unavailing of my new laptop just click play below:

All and all I have to say the new 13.3″ Macbook Pro is one of the fastest computers I’ve ever used. Everything is extremely snappy from basics like web browsing and email to more processor intensive tasks like video editing. If you’re a Domainer who wants the performance of a desktop in a laptop so they can live life on the road without sacrificing performance and efficiency the new Macbook Pro’s are the gold standard.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton