Small Business Saturday: Easy Way To Add Sophisticated Forms To Your Website

When you’re running a small business, getting feedback from your customers or potential clients is very important. If you already know HTML and PHP then making a simple contact form is quite easy, if you don’t, the task can seem quite daunting. For Domainers, if you are developing and monetizing your domains, a feedback form can be an absolutely critical way to get feedback from users and provide a bit more life to your sites.

No matter how you use them, a form is a much better way to allow users to reach you than just providing an email address. A simple contact form is one thing but when it comes to building sophisticated forms with drop-downs, input validation, etc. many people think they need to hire a developer – in the past this was true, but now there are excellent web-based software tools that can enable absolutely anyone to build sophisticated forms without writing a line of code. My favorite that I’ve been using for the past year is JotForm.


What’s really cool about JotForm is that they have a ton of different form options that you can simply drag and drop into the virtual canvas area. I especially like their Survey Tools which allow you to create really interactive feedback forms quickly and easily.


JotForm also has some pretty nice features for creating custom Thank-You pages, validate input, and some cool power tools like Captcha to reduce obnoxious form spam. If you get less than 100 for submissions/month you can use JotForm for free, otherwise the plans are really affordable and it is absolutely worth it for the high-quality forms you can create.

There are a a number of other web-based form packages out there but I have had the most experience with JotForm, that being said, I don’t want to leave out other players in this space so you are welcome to check-out some of the other services below and pick the one that’s best for your business:

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton