Sedo .mobi Auction – Take Two

A few posts back I wrote about the debacle surrounding The buyer of the Domain claims to have successfully won the auction at $66,000 and receive confirmation of his winning bid. He then said that the auction was extended for an additional 2.5 hours – where other bidders (who weren’t in the original auction) jumped-in. Soon the price had Skyrocketed to over $600,000 and the buyer received a second email indicating he won the auction, but at the higher price.

Paying 10x the original amount the buyer was furious and put this post on NamePros.

Well, he huffed and he puffed and he got Sedo to own-up. Below is the email from Sedo:

While Sedo takes steps to ensure the stability and security of our services, the crash that occurred could not have been predicted given traffic spikes more than ten times higher than anticipated by previous high-traffic auctions. Decisions were made with the intention of protecting all parties involved, but as we have learned from investigating the crash more carefully since December 5th, the auction was compromised and as such, DotMobi has exercised its right to declare the auction results void and will conduct a new auction at beginning on January 23rd, 2008. Sedo will be contacting everyone who participated in the auction to inform them of this decision.You can read more about this on the Domain Name News site.

So once again I’ll ask, "Sedo, to trust or not to trust?"

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton