Sales Sunday: The Science Of Timing

Sales Sunday

Hello, happy Sunday and welcome to Sales Sunday here on Today I wanted to talk about a topic that is becoming increasingly important in the incredibly social world we live in. I’ve always said I don’t believe in luck, I believe in timing, and this is so true when it comes to sales, social media, blogging, etc.

One of the things I look at with this blog is what days get the most traffic, comments, shares, etc. I’ve found my blog works differently from the norm where Monday’s are usually the most popular, for me it’s Wednesday. Otherwise I’ve found that many of the “norms” that your average blog sees in terms of timing are spot on. I’ve read a zillion articles about the science of timing but I found this infographic created by the awesome people at KISSMetrics does a great job of showing how timing really does matter.

Think this doesn’t have to do with sales? Think again, a blog is a way to sell yourself, the brand of you and understanding the role that timing plays is absolutely critical to reach the largest audience possible. Also, most companies have a blog and use this as a sales tool as well so even if you don’t have a personal blog, this also applies to your company’s blog which is a great tool to generate inbound sales leads. Enjoy!

The Science Of Timing
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton