Raising the Bar – TLD Registry gets coveted Chinese accredation


Today is a big day for TLD Registry as they became one of less than 4% of TLDs on the planet to be accredited by the Chinese government. While you might not be familiar with this accreditation if you live in the US, in China it’s a big deal since it means your website can be hosted inside of China.

If you live in China and register a domain name in a TLD that is not accredited by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology there is a chance your site could be blocked or shutdown, which means non-accredited TLDs can be risky for Chinese businesses.

Also to make things even a little more exciting for TLD Registry they had two extensions get accredited, .在线 (Dot Chinese Online) and .中文网 (Dot Chinese Website) extension. It’s easy for forget that billions of people live in China and their keyboards don’t have the fun little English characters we have on ours, they have Chinese characters which is one of the reasons why IDNs like these are seeing such a warm welcome in China.

“Receiving MIIT’s accreditation is one of the greatest milestones we’ve achieved as a China market focused business. SMB’s, corporations, startups, brand protection agencies, investors, and anyone else in China who wishes to use one of our domain extensions for their website can now do so with ease and official approval.” (Arto Isokoski, CEO of TLD Registry Source – DNJournal)

With over 1,000 TLDs on the market being two of 32 is pretty darn special. Huge congrats to the whole team over at TLD Registry, something tells me even though it’s a Monday it probably feels a lot like a Saturday with all the celebrating that is likely going on over there!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton