Product Domains Are HOT

I’ve spent a lot of time this year building-up a nice rolodex of Domain Buyers. Sure, I don’t have nearly as many contacts as the big brokerage houses but I am getting new people every week and working hard to identify exactly what type of domains they are looking for. In doing this I’ve become more aware of what kind of domains people are looking for. On top of this data, I am finalizing my survey results I took a few weeks ago and this does an even better job of solidifying my observations – product domains are IN – bigtime!

Product domains are hot because there is a clear formula for making money with the domain – sell the product! While most Domainers opt for affiliate programs like the Amazon Associates store, those who really want to make some money work-out direct deals or drop-shipping agreements. What always blows my mind is to see a GREAT product domain parked or developed-into a crappy site. This is a HUGE waste of incredible potential and Domainers with parked product domains should either develop them and start making money or sell them to one of the many hungry product domain buyers out there!

So how do you know if your product domain is hot? Easy, people should be making you offers directly. If you’re sending a million emails and putting your domain for sale everywhere you can and nobody is interested…you might not have a very strong product domain. Don’t dwell on it, just focus on your better domains. All good product .com’s get plenty of offers each week – they might be low offers but the fact that you’re getting offers should validate that your product domain doesn’t suck.

I always think that the best way to learn is by example – take a look at the lists below to see some domains that are optimizing their potential…as well as some that are missing-out on a GREAT opportunity.

Examples of Developed Product Domains

Examples of What NOT To Do With Your Product Domain

Of course there are many more examples of great developed product domains. Epik has a good platform for building these out but even putting-up a simple blog with a few articles and ads can get you MUCH better results than leaving your domain parked. I am in the process of rolling-out a product domain option available from Linton Investments and look forward to sharing what we can bring to the table very soon!

If you are looking for product domains please email me directly – morgan(at) I currently have a nice inventory of product domains across some great TLDs including .com all at LOW prices.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton