Presenting Fashion Metric Tonight in NYC

Hello from New York City…again. Yes, for those keeping score I was just in New York last Weds – Sun and now I’m back. This trip Daina and I are very excited to be presenting Fashion Metric at the NY Beta Fashion and Tech event.

NY Beta - Fashion and Tech

Tonight’s event is all about startups in the fashion space and will be a great chance for us to show the current version of Fashion Metric and get valuable feedback. We are building this company with a strong focus on lean startup principles which means we are focused on customer development and hearing what other people have to say about our solution.

We know the problem, shopping for clothes online is far from the norm. Only 7% of clothing sales take place online, 93% of people still go to stores to buy clothes. One of the reasons they do this (not the only reason though) is that when you buy clothes online, you never know if it’s going to fit. Well we are changing that in a major way and what started as an idea less than two months ago, has now become a reality.

If you live in NYC and want to come by and say hello we will be at 500 7th Ave in Manhattan between 6:00PM – 9:00PM tonight. Oh and if you don’t buy clothes online because you’re afraid they aren’t going to fit you can sign-up for our beta at

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton