Partying with the Boxcar Team in Santa Monica Tonight!

I was excited to get an email a few days ago about the Boxcar team coming to Santa Monica. The last time I was partying with Domainers in Santa Monica was at DOMAINfest in February so I’m looking forward to get together with Mike and his team. I have been really impressed with Mike across the board, from creating Boxcar to handling things like the Domain Madness Auction when things got tough. In my book Mike handled this in the most professional and admirable way, I know it wasn’t easy, but he ended-up doing the right thing and keeping a positive attitude the whole time.


Mike also recently wrote an awesome post on his blog that I would highly recommend if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet – Time to Party Like it’s 2001-2002. I’m ready to party Mike, and look forward to partying with you and all the other great people that show-up for the event. I’m not sure there are any spots left as I know there is limited room however if you’re a Domainer in LA and you’d like to attend you can send Mike an email and see if there is still some space left.

Of course I can’t attend anything like this without taking some pictures and writing a blog post so stay-tuned tomorrow for an update of the event. Heck, I have an iPhone 4 so check my You Tube account tonight and you might just find some video from the party as well. If any of my readers have a question for Mike or the Boxcar team feel free to put it in the comment section below and I’m happy to ask him/them tonight.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton