Parking Overload? Can Help!

I’ll start this post by saying something that most of your already know – I’m not much of a domain parking guy. I focus my time between developing and brokering domain names. Let me clear something-up though…it’s not that I don’t like Parking, I just don’t do it much myself. Parking is great for domains that have type-in traffic – I focus my portfolio on domains I think can get excellent search engine rankings over time through development.

There are plenty of Domainers out there that using parking services – and for good reason – they have domains that get good type-in traffic. Parking is an excellent way to take a domain that is getting traffic through direct type-ins and convert that traffic into revenue. The problem with parking is that it can oftentimes be hard to track multiple parking accounts and compare results.

I know many Domainers who make good money from parking but sometimes experience what I like to call “Parking Overload.” This is when you are parking with a number of different services and spend most of your time trying to optimize parking revenue by moving domains from one parking service to another. Not only is this time-consuming but it can be pretty confusing too!

If you are one of the many people who suffer from “Parking Overload” you’ll be happy to know that a solution to all your problems has arrived. This solution is So what can do for you?

First – gives you a single dashboard to manage all of your parking reports. This means that rather than logging into multiple accounts and exporting and comparing data you can instead have a single dashboard with all the info you need!

On top of this has real traffic reporting so you have a better way to compare results from each parking company. Now here’s the real time-saver – has an Auto Optimizer that allows you to easily test different parking services and get the highest performance for each domain in your portfolio. Now you don’t have login to ten different accounts and compile reports on how each domain monetizes with each parking service – does it for you!

So if you use more than one parking service you can now avoid parking overload with

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton