Oversee Knows What’s Cooking In The Domain World!

Oversee made an exciting announcement last week with the addition of Patrick Ruddell (aka Chef Patrick) to their team. Patrick will be starting-out as a Domain Sales Specialist and moving his family to beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

First I’d like to give a HUGE congrats to Patrick and Oversee. I already congratulated by phone last week I wanted to also mention something on my blog as well.

Patrick and I have been good friends for over a year now and I can honestly say I think he’s going to do phenomenal in the new role. Patrick is a marketing genius and social media fanatic so will definitely be able to bring a whole new set of tools to the domain brokerage world.

Of course the question that most people ask is, “Patrick’s going corporate?” While I don’t think he’ll be wearing a suit to work (right Patrick – you’re not – right?) he will definitely have a more stable routine and some incredible travel opportunities starting this month! In fact this year it looks like he’ll be traveling every month starting with April!

As someone who also travels a lot for work I can say that while the travel can be hard at times, (it’s never easy to be away from loved-ones) the experience and adventure of understanding how business is done all over the world is indispensable.

Patrick will also be taking-charge of the Domain Masters Radio Show which is a great fit for him given his experience with video and his own Domaining Podcast. I think we can all look forward to some entertaining episodes!

While some people think you have to work for yourself to be an Entrepreneur I can assure you that Patrick will never stop innovating and entertaining. Patrick’s blog will continue to be a great source of news and entertainment, and pretty soon I’m sure we’ll be reading about yet another seven-figure sale by the Chef!

Congrats to Patrick and I’ll see you at the airport fellow road warrior 🙂

Congrats to Oversee – great choice and a big win for your organization 🙂

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton