– One Day Left To Claim

So far no takers for so I’ve decided to open it up to bidding. Please send your offers to

I’m still confident that selling one of my flips each month is a great way to help new domainers get started with monetized domains. It has also been one of the number one requests made by my readers. It might have been a bit too early for me to release this domain so I might have to table it to a later month. Next month will feature a different domain for sale and will go back to the incubator.

So far this domain has received 740 hits this month and generated $1.87 in revenue. This is how all my flips start and usually grow to generate much more in 2-3 months. I wanted to make this domain available to my readers before it becomes too expensive for a new domainer to afford. So email in your offers to At midnight Wednesday I’ll be taking this domain off the selling-block and adding a new domain for May so this is your last chance to grab the name before it heads into the high $xxx price range.

May 1st will bring a new flip for sale so if you miss-out on this one, there’s always next month!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton