One of my favorite (somewhat unknown) AngelList features

As a startup founder AngelList is a part of my daily life, and as a data geek I really appreciate all of the data they collect. One feature that I’ve found most people don’t know about is the startup valuation data section.

Startup Valuation

AngelList has more data than just about anyone when it comes to startup funding and valuation and they’ve made it easy to pull up some pretty interesting valuation stats.

Here’s a few fun I came-up with, enjoy playing around with it yourself!

  • The average Zynga employee raises at a $1.4M higher valuation than a Goldman Sachs employee
  • Education and Mobile Commerce are two of the categories with the most activity, mobile commerce companies on average have higher valuations
  • Mobile security stands-out with an average valuation of $5.1M as does Business Information Systems with an average valuation of only $1.4M
  • The average valuation in Silicon Valley and Santa Barbara are exactly the same (although there’s a lot less deal-flow in SB)
  • Stanford, Berkeley, and MIT are the top three schools for startups raising money, Berkeley locks in the highest valuation at an average of $4.8M

If you want to run some numbers for yourself you can check it out at

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton