Off To Our First Celebrity Fashion Show!

In a few minutes we’ll be heading to downtown LA for our first celebrity fashion show sponsored by iiJin, a Japanese shoe company. On Monday we spent the day downtown attending all of the different shows that have come to LA for Fashion Week, it was a first for us and a very cool experience.


We spent most of the day learning about local LA designers and getting a feel for what really happens at a fashion show. I’ve been to tons of tech conferences before but this is a whole new world so we had a lot of exploring to do. On Monday evening we went to our first runway event which took place at CMC in LA, the hub of LA’s Fashion District.


While we were walking around the show on Monday we ended-up meeting a few very cool people and in the end had an invite to a celebrity fashion show taking place this afternoon. There are a number of celebrities in it and I can’t remember the whole list but I’ll be tweeting the event and posting updates on the Fashion Metric Facebook Fanpage if you want to follow along.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton