Next to .COM, what’s the best extension to buy numeric domains in?

Numeric Domains

This could be a million dollar question. With the explosion of interest in numeric domain names comes a massive amount of opportunity, however that opportunity also comes with increased risk and investors dumping money into domains that may turn out to be more of a liability than an asset.

I think we can all agree that .COM is the gold standard, a proven extension with real liquidity, and with value being assigned to specific letter and numbers, short .COMs are about the best investment you can make right now.

So that being said, the buying activity in the NN, NNN and NNNN space has extended beyond .COM and extensions like .CLUB, .CC, .IO, .CO and many more have been thrown into the mix. The problem is, you can’t buy them all, and if you do you’ll likely lose on more than you win (or maybe not but I’m just trying to be realistic).

So my question is, if you invest in another extension in the numeric domain space, besides .COM, what is your next best bet?

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton