New gTLDs is an industry term – new domains is what most people are calling them

The data is in, and according to Google the term “new gTLDs” is far less popular than “new domains” or “new domain extensions” which means that when we all talk about new gTLDs, we’re mostly talking to other people in the industry, not to end users.


While it can be easy to think that the rest of the world keeps up with what is happening in the domain world, they don’t. Period. Most people have never heard of a “new gTLD” and they don’t know one tenth of the new domain extensions that are now available. For some people that’s a good thing, they’d prefer it if people still lived in the past, a world where only a handful of domain extensions were out there and you were hoping to get .COM, .NET or .ORG.

There’s no doubt that .COM is still king, but the days are gone where your only alternatives are .NET or .ORG, now there are more options than ever, but it’s taking a long time for your average person to understand the sure mass of options that are now available.

From .CLUB to .SHOP, .NYC to .GURU, the new domain extensions are here to say, just don’t expect most people to know what you mean when you talk to them about new gTLDs.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton