New Domain Investor gives unconventional advice for other new investors on Twitter last week

I’ve covered a new domain investor Johan (who goes by @DoseBuy on Twitter) quite a bit because the guy isn’t afraid to speak his mind and he’s definitely gone quite a bit against the grain. While I don’t agree with everything DoseBuy says I do think it’s important as an industry for us to welcome new ideas and opinions, who knows, we might just learn something new along the way 🤷‍♂️

Yesterday on Twitter Johan shared ten tips for new domain investors like him, here they are:

DoseBuy Domain Investing Advice

I agree with a few of his top ten but there’s two that I really don’t agree with, #4 and #7. I would caution new investors to be very afraid of Trademarks. I’ve heard horror stories of people who have lost tens of thousands of dollars because of accidental Trademark infringement, don’t learn that one the hard way.

As for #7, don’t invest heavily in .COM, I’d say the opposite. I would say don’t invest heavily in non .COMs.

I agree with #8, we are living in a time where brandables are kicking ass and taking names so low search volume shouldn’t keep you from buying a name. As for #5 – Overprice, I’d say a great domain name is often pretty darn hard to overprice, in general it will offer so much more value to an end-user that puts it to use than an investor that just sits on it that even if you think you’re overpricing it…you’re probably not.

When it comes to #1, invest in .CX, I don’t think there’s any data to show that investors can build a profitable portfolio out of .CX…but at the same time there isn’t any data showing they can’t. If anyone’s going to prove .CX critics wrong it’s DoseBuy but I still believe investors will see a much higher return putting money into .COM.

The great news about free advice is, it’s free, so you can take it or leave it! What do you think? Which one Johan’s tips do you agree with? Which do you disagree with?

I want to hear from you, comment and let you voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton