New Domain Flipping Book Released for 2008!

I am proud to announce that my new E-Book – "Domain Flipping: How to Profit from the Domain Name Boom" is now available from

I spent the second-half of 2007 writing this book and am very excited to have it available for 2008. The book will help anyone learn how to flip a domain from start to finish. You don’t have to be a computer expert or have any domain-selling experience to read the book. Instead the book was designed with those new to the domain industry looking to profit from domain flipping.

If you are unsure about buying the book you can always download my free 7-part audio course that will walk you through the basics of domain flipping. If you are satisfied with this you can then make the decision to buy the book and begin to grow your business.

Hope you all enjoy the book – I have spent many a late night working on it and hope my efforts can help those new to domaining get off to a good start! I just wish there was a book like mine out when I started flipping! I could have saved a lot of time learning from my own mistakes.

You can sign-up for the Free Audio Course or buy the book from

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton