NameCheap breaks the 200,000 mark with free .ME domains for students


NameCheap has been doing something pretty cool that I thought would be good to spread the word about. Since 2014, the company has been giving away .ME domain names to students and educators through their “NameCheap University” initiative on

“The “Namecheap University” ( initiative and website launched in 2014, offering free .me domains, and low-cost GitHub and Exposure bundles. The free product offer is available to all students, teachers, administrators and educators with a .edu email address. Since its inception, the program has helped thousands of students create a free online portfolio, resume, blog – or virtually any other type of personal website. The product offerings have also been integrated into the curriculum of several high school and college computer science classes, as well as to provide free domains and web building tools for hackathons and other technology events for students.”(Source – PR Newswire)

This week NameCheap announced that now over 200,000 students and educators around the world have received a free domain name as part of the NameCheap University program. Along with a domain, reduced pricing on GitHub and Exposure are included…which makes me really wish they had this back when I was in college in 1999!

I’ve had the chance to chat with the founder of NameCheap, Richard Kirkendall a number of times over the years and have always been impressed with his focus on giving back. Since the early days of NameCheap Richard has always found ways to support entrepreneurs, startups, and educational institutions around the world.

The program is just one example of the many things that NamesCheap has been doing to champion innovation in the educational space. I’ve also come across NameCheap quite a bit at hackathons where they’ve provided free domains and resources for teams building really interesting and cutting-edge products:

“Last year Namecheap also sponsored and introduced its first ever “Namecheap Innovation Award” at MedHacks 2018. The Johns Hopkins student-organized hackathon teams up America’s most talented coders with its brightest medical students so they can compete to solve health issues with innovative new technology.”

Hats off to the whole team at NameCheap – 200,000 domains is a huge milestone and they’ve set a high bar when it comes to building an organization that truly cares about giving back and making an impact!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton