My Very First Press Release – My Life At 16

When I was in High School my life was anything but ordinary! Along with all the normal things that High School students did, I was also escaping to San Francisco three times a week working for an innovative software company called Xaos Tools. I had been running a web design company since I was twelve and had the chance to help companies like Coldwell Banker get some of their first websites off the ground. I knew HTML like the back of my hand and had master Photoshop through hundreds of hours of experimentation and training. Yes – I was a huge geek, and I still am!

I had the chance to work directly with the Creative Director at Xaos Tools to help build a very cool new piece of photo editing software. Unfortunately it never took-off but I had quite an adventure working with a new hot startup in San Francisco and quickly became a centerpiece for them at conferences. Xaos Tools wrote a press release about me and my upcoming presentation at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco. I thought this press release had been lost forever until it resurfaced over the weekend. I believe there was a picture that went with it too but I can’t seem to find it. I thought this would be fun to share with all of you, a look back at where the adventure really began!

Whiz Kid to Wow Crowds at Macworld

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Xaos Tools today announced that 16-year-old Berkeley whiz kid Morgan Linton will be the featured presenter in its booth at the Macworld Exposition here next week. Linton, whose booth antics made him a star attraction at the Seybold San Francisco show last September, will demonstrate FlashBox(TM), Xaos Tools’ new digital imaging product for the consumer market, as well as Total Xaos, the company’s collection of award-winning Photoshop(R) plug-ins, in Booth #4056 in Moscone Center’s North Hall.

“FlashBox is a phenomenal product that will shock and amaze the Macworld community,” said Linton. “I’m really stoked about being able to present it.”

Under the guidance of Xaos Tools senior creative director Bill Niffenegger, Linton has spent the past six months contributing his computer graphics and design talents to the look and feel FlashBox. “Morgan is a talented graphic designer who can push pixels around blindfolded,” says Bill Niffenegger. “But more importantly, he combines his expertise with a zest and enthusiasm that you just don’t find very often. We’re very happy to have him presenting FlashBox, because his attitude matches the fun and creative feel of the product itself.”

Linton has been working as a professional Web page designer and graphic artist since he was 12. An expert with such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects, Morgan has contributed his talents to such organizations as the Berkeley Macintosh User’s Group (designing covers for the group’s famous newsletter at age 14), and Netrepreneur, a Web site that showcases high-end real estate.

Xaos Tools (pronounced “ka-os”) was founded in 1990 to bring industry-leading professional digital effects to Windows, Macintosh, and Silicon Graphics and Sun workstation users at affordable prices. Based on special effects technology developed for XAOS, Inc., one of the world’s most respected computer animation facilities, Xaos Tools’ products are used by most of the world’s leading broadcast and print designers, animators, and digital artists. The company’s mission is to deliver advanced digital imaging effects to the widest possible audience. Xaos Tools is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is privately held.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton