My Top Picks For The DOMAINfest 2012 Live Auction And What I Think Will Take The #1 Spot

With DOMAINfest 2012 only three days away the auction is already getting some good press as people start making their predictions. There are some very solid names in the auction so it will be exciting to see which end-up selling next week. I think when you look at these auctions you have to look at yourself, as a buyer, and what your goals are for the domain.

A domain auction is a great place for an end-user to get a domain that could dramatically change their business. A good domain name can save a fortune in marketing and provide an instant connection with your users. In 2011 conferences had a lot of trouble finding success with auctions.

Now in 2012 it will once again come down to the buyers. Domain Investors are typically looking to buy domains at wholesale prices. I think the issues that auctions had last year really had to do with pricing. DOMAINfest does a good job of bringing in a large and diverse group so it will be interesting to see if there is a good match between buyers and sellers pricing expectations.

Okay, enough about 2011, this is 2012 and our first live auction of the year! My top picks are: – this could be a great name for the next eBay. Nobody could forget a name like this and we are at a time when “Deals” are in, bigtime. The pricing is definitely reasonable for an end-user that could use this name to brand a multimillion dollar business. – with Google wallet and the growth of nearfield communications it’s only a matter of time until our cards go 100% digital, becoming well for lack of a better term iCards. Okay, I guess that’s just one possible marketing pitch, either way I like this name and it looks like it is priced right. – short memorable .com with a reserve under 50K. This could be used for just about anything just like Amazon and Kayak, nobody is going to forget – another nice one-word .COM and one that I could see an entrepreneur from the entertainment industry in LA doing big things with. – online advertising is winning in a major way, there are going to be a lot more sites like cropping-up. With a reserve under 25K many new startups could easily afford this and build a great business on it. – this is definitely one of the names that many people are paying attention to. QR codes are big, two-character .COMs are big, so this could be big, right?

AppSync – perfect for a startup that is working on something related to managing updates on your smartphone. This is actually a problem that does need solving as many of us pack our phones full of apps that need frequent updates.

Okay, now for the grand finale, the domain I think will take the #1 spot in the auction…

I think that will take the cake and come in as the highest selling domain in the auction. Now it’s your turn, what domain do you think will sell for the most in the upcoming DOMAINfest live auction? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton