My Three Favorite Domaining Blog Posts: Week of 11/8/2009

I’m in Australia this week and have found it very interesting to see how the time zone changes which blogs I see the most on It always feels a bit like I’m living in the future – you’re all enjoying your Friday night and I’m onto Saturday night!

Great posts as always this week – good combination of news unfolding surrounding the Snapnames debacle and some great tips. The community is growing and it’s fantastic to see the new faces!

  1. Domain Name News – First Class Action Againt SnapNames Filed
  2. Chef Patrick – Developing A Geo Domain – Part 5 – Definitely worth reading the previous four as well!
  3. Rick’s Blog – Howard Neu Points out Flaws and INVALIDITY of the Oversee Agreement! $2000 Legal Opinion for FREE!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton