My Picks from the Snapnames Travel and Entertainment Showcase Auction

The Snapnames Travel and Entertainment Showcase Auction ends tomorrow at 3:15EST and there are still tons of great names available. As many of you know I’m a complete travel nut that used to fly hundreds of thousands of miles every year. While I don’t travel that much any more I still leave the US at least once a month…which still makes me a travel nut in most books!

There are a few names I’ve had my eye on and I thought I’d share my top picks from the auction with all of you. – I was just in the Bahamas last week and I can tell you it’s probably one of the coolest vacation destinations out there. – As someone that’s been traveling for business for over six-years I can tell you this is a huge market. Business travelers are always looking for more ways to make their travel experience better and this could be a great blog for anyone that spends their days on the road. – Who doesn’t want to vacation in Honolulu, put a travel site or blog on this and you could find yourself getting free trips to Honolulu if you play your cards right! – While I haven’t been to Peru myself I’ve had a number of friends who have, and they all loved it. This would also make a great blog or travel site. – If you want to make a travel site with video content about the Virgin Islands this is the domain to do it with. If you’d like to take someone with you on your adventures, pick me! – Great domain for a travel review site. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand wouldn’t you want to know more about visiting Bangkok?

Of course there are plenty of other names I like but these are some of my top picks. With just over 24-hours left in the auction now is a great time to take a look at the list and see if there are any domains that might make a great addition to your portfolio.

Have some top picks of your own? Feel free to share them here!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton