My First .mobi Flip

Hi and welcome to Adventures in Domain Name Flipping! My name is Morgan and I’ll be your resident flipper. Domain Name flipping is a relatively new concept that involves finding a domain name that is worth relatively little and "renovating" the site and getting more traffic to the site. This can easily be compared to house flipping where a "distressed" home is renovated and landscaped to increase its curb appeal and increase the value of the property.

This will be my first .mobi flip which makes it a good challenge. .mobi is a fairly new TLD (Top Level Domain) geared towards mobile users. These websites are generally slimmed-down websites optimized for mobile phones with content geared towards mobile use. This means quick information access, short load times, and very little screen real estate. One of the most exciting things about this flip is that it will be the first .mobi site that I have developed as well as the first .mobi flip I have done.

Before doing a flip – you first need a domain name. I purchased soon-after the .mobi TLD was announced. To know if your flip has potential it is crucial to have the domain professionally appraised by a domain name appraisal service. Both Sedo and Go Daddy offer this service however Sedo’s is far more detailed and accurate. This flip is a bit difference as we’re taking a brand-new site which means we have to start the traffic from 0. Domain flipping is often done with existing sites that are already getting traffic. I like to start with fresh sites so I can have full control over how the site evolves.

I purchased for $39.95/year. Sedo appraised the domain with no work done to it at $500.00. If you take a step back just to look at the numbers – I could already make over 10 times my money. Domain Name flipping is a high potential game and I’m looking for at least 20 times my initial investment. If you were able to obtain these types of returns with house flipping you could retire after your first flip!

My time line for this project is 2 months. When starting with a brand-new site the flip will always take longer since you must generate some initial traffic to the site. It takes a good 4-6 weeks before your site will show-up in the search engines. It also takes a while to perfect your Google Adwords campaigns to ensure you get the best targeted traffic to the site. The development is the shortest part and should take 1-2 weeks. Below is the expected project time line:

Nov 1 – built and listed in all major search engines

Nov 3 – Begin Google Adwords campaign to generate initial targeted traffic to the site

Nov 15 – Begin Link Exchange programs to increase site exposure.

Dec 1 – Optimize Adwords campaign, re-list in all search engines

Dec 15 – Final tweaks and enhancements, ensure traffic is at expected levels

Dec 18 – List site for sale on Sedo

So stay tuned as I take this site from an unknown domain floating out in the domain name ether and turn it into a full-fledged .mobi site. Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment if you find this information useful or if you have any questions or comments. More to come!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton