My 3 favorite Oculus Rift titles: Eagle Flight, Lucky’s Tale, and Obduction

So my VR PC is finally operational, it was no small task and I’ll go deeper into that process in a larger post I’m doing on Medium. Suffice it to say, after making just about every mistake possible, I finally have a machine that can power all the VR experiences I can throw at it. I pre-ordered the Oculus Rift and received it months ago so I feel a little silly for being an early adopter that couldn’t actually use the gadget I ordered early, butI really wanted to make sure I did VR right, which means getting a pretty high octane PC.

I have a handful of games and experiences now operational and I can tell you my three current favorites. Given that I’ve had a limited time to try out everything I downloaded I could see this list changing over time. Still I’m thoroughly impressed with these three titles:

#1: Eagle Flight (Ubisoft)


Without a doubt my favorite VR experience to-date is Eagle Flight, and for two reasons – first the game is absolutely beautiful, it really feels like you’re flying around like a bird through a wild and different version of Paris, the movement, sound, everything is perfectly done. Second, the idea behind the game is super interesting, you start as a baby bird and spend the game growing up, learning new skills, and as realistic as I think anyone has ever attempted to make the experience.

#2 Lucky’s Tale (playful)


Do you remember that feeling when you played Super Mario Bros for the first time? For some of us it was that original NES game, for other people it might be the SNES version, or if you’re a lot younger than me, the N64 version. Either way there is a certain magic that Mario captured and I am thrilled to say that Lucky has done the same in what I think will be looked at for years to come as one of the best platformers of all time. The game is a work of art, both from its intricate yet intuitive gameplay to the absolutely amazing graphics that really make you feel like you’re playing a game in an entirely different world.

#3 Obduction (Cyan)


One of the very first games that captivated my imagination at a young age was Myst. At the time, with what now look like incredibly primitive graphics, Myst took me away to another world. That was 1993. Now, 23 years later Cyan is has released it’s latest game/experience, Obduction and it’s doing what Myst did 23 years ago, all over again today, in VR. Like all Cyan games, the story is compelling from the moment the game starts, it’s like being transported to a different world where you’re immediately in the center of an epic mystery. I honestly haven’t had this feeling since I played Myst, and I was 12 then so its been a while.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton