Morgan’s Weekend Musings

Morgan Linton Weekend Musings

I used to do a Saturday musings post every now and then and lately I’ve been feeling like I should get back in the groove. The weekends are a busy time for me between working my butt off as a Domainer and spending quality time with my girlfriend and enjoying the LA sunshine. Here’s a brief summary of what I’m up to this weekend:

  • Morning VC adventures – I’ve been really into venture capital lately and following who gets funding for what. I read AVC every single day and have been for years but am always looking for new blogs and articles about startups. There are so many exciting startups getting funding right now and the weekend is when I really have the time to sit down with a cup of coffee, turn on some tunes, and get in the VC groove.
  • Expired Domain Auctions – over the last few weeks I’ve really increased my expired domain purchases, all .com’s and most one or two word domains. I’ve been battling over a few good names this weekend so attended to some of those, always hard to pick what price point I’m willing to go up to before deciding it’s not longer a great investment.
  • Shopping in Santa Monica – Daina and I had planned on doing a shopping trip this weekend, we hit the third street promenade in Santa Monica and picked-out so cool new threads, maybe I’ll wear my new shirt on tomorrow 🙂
  • Jogging on the beach – after our shopping extravaganza we went for an awesome jog on the beach. We jogged by two separate weddings happening on different parts of the beach. After our jog the shoes came-off and we walked on the sand along the edge of the water, such a beautiful day, I really do love where we live!
  • Dinner and a movie – right now we are making a new salad we invented, Tomatoes, cucumber, radishes, green onions, and a really kick-ass homemade dressing that Bristol Farms makes. Then we’ll hop on Netflix and pick a movie.
  • Xelot – tomorrow we’re spending most of our day doing market research for Xelot. We’re putting-together a full brand presentation, reading a ton of articles about marketing and brand identity and really making sure that when Xelot launches we’re targeting the right people the right way. Along with doing our market research we spend a couple hours tuning the algorithm every weekend, it’s a lot of fun to do this together and we both geek-out writing PHP 🙂
  • – tomorrow at 4:00PM PST episode #2 of will air! Really looking forward to the second episode after having such a great turn-out with the first episode, adding a new segment that I’ll debut tomorrow!
  • End-user emails – on Sunday I tend to send-out emails to end-users for domains that I’m selling. I’ve been using constant contact lately to send these emails which has been a great way to track the open rate. Right now I am currently focused on selling three insurance .com names I picked-up a few weeks ago. They are geo-targeted insurance names which is most of what I’m looking at in the insurance niche.
  • Jog, hot tub, sauna, dinner, movie – we like to end our weekends with a nice jog in our neighborhood followed by a hot tub and sauna, it’s a great way to reset. Then I’ll probably be making my famous pasta sauce (one of the only things I really know how to make) and  then another movie on Netflix.

And there you have it – my weekend in a nutshell. I’m going to try to do one of these posts every weekend since my weekends can be quite an adventure. Next weekend we’ll be heading to Santa Barbara for wine tasting again and I’ll be happy to share some pictures and updates from the trip!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton