Morgan’s Top 3 Domain Extensions For The Week Of Nov 10th

So new domain name extensions are launching every week and with so many coming to market I thought it was about time to do a weekly feature of my top picks. Before I go any further let me be really clear about what I am picking these for. I am not picking these domain extensions as a way to encourage domain investors to buy them up like it’s going out of style. Instead I am hoping that entrepreneurs and small businesses use these to get the keyword they’ve been chasing and can’t get in .COM.

As I’ve said many times before, I think a lot of these new domain extensions are going to fail, and fail big. At the same time I think a select group will do very well and I’m going to fire up my crystal ball to pick which extensions I think are going to be the winners. Remember thought, this is speculation, not investment so please don’t confuse the two. If you want to invest in domain names, go .COM or go home. If you want to build a business online, you have a whole new host of options.

With that, here are the domain extensions coming out this week that I think are going to do well:

Dot Restaurant

Top Pick –> .Restaurant – this is my top pick because I know for a fact that a ton of restaurants couldn’t get their .COM and I think they are going to want their .Restaurant.

.Gifts – gifting is a huge market online, I do think it’s important to pick keywords that do apply directly to gifting.

.Engineer – I’m an engineer and so is my wife. Since I went to engineering school I know a lot of engineers and all of them want their first name .engineer.

There are more new domain extensions coming out this week but these are my favorites. Once again, just to hammer this point home, if you’re looking to invest in domains, stick with .COM, but if you want to develop on a domain, these three extensions offer some very solid options.

Hat tip to, one of my go-to blogs for news and updates about new domain extensions!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton