Morgan’s Start-Up of The Week #1:

I’ve decided to do a new feature on my blog called “Morgan’s Start-Up of the Week” since I am really interested in Domaining as well as venture capital, start-up companies, etc. Every week I’ll highlight a different company that I like for two reasons:

  1. First and foremost it must be a really cool idea, something unique and different that satisfies a need.
  2. Good use of a domain name. So many businesses use absolutely terrible names for their business, I’d like to reward those who got it right from the start.

So my first Start-Up of this week is…drumroll please (oh wait you read the title so already know!) –


Expensify is a very cool way to track your expenses and create simple reports using your computer or smartphone, or just pulling right from your bank account or credit card. For someone like me that travels a TON keeping track of expenses is a huge task and this is a really nice organized way to put all the pieces together.

I like companies like this that take tasks that many people do and make them easier. At only $5/person it’s cheap to use too so Expensify won’t be a major expense! The website has a nice simple design and as you know, simple is in. I’m actually going to sign-up for an account and take it for a spin so this probably won’t be the last you’ll hear about Expensify.

Now onto the next evaluation criteria – domain name. I think this is an absolutely excellent use of a brandable domain. When you hear “” you think of a product or service that has to do with expenses. It’s easy to spell and remember and while they don’t own the .net or .org they own the .com which really is what matters most!

My graphic designer created the banner below for anyone who is featured on my Start-Up Of the Week. You can place this banner with pride knowing that a geeky Domainer in LA thinks your cool…and hopefully millions of other people too!


Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton