Morgan’s Magento Corner – Setting Up SSL In Magento

Morgan's Magento Corner

So I’ve officially become a Magento Geek and now that I’m using Magento on a daily basis, I thought I’d start a regular series on my blog, so welcome to Morgan’s Magento Corner. Sounds geeky? It is. If you don’t know about Magento you can read about it in my eCommerce Showdown.

One of the little intricacies that can be tough to figure-out at first is how to setup SLL in Magento. If you’ve been troubleshooting an SSL problem in Magento, follow the steps below and you’ll be in good shape. Once you know how to do it, it’s insanely easy, but it can take some searching to find it. SSL configurations are stored in the “System” menu under “Configuration”.

From there you’ll navigate along the left-sidebar under the “General” heading to Web:


Once you are in the “Web” section you will find two drop-down panels to the right, one for “Unsecured” and one for “Secured”:


By default Magento will set the Base URL to http under “Secure” in order to force SSL you’ll want to set this to https and then make sure to set “Use Secure URLs in Frontend” and “Use Secure URLs in Admin” both to Yes.

Hit Save and Bam! Secured! I know it doesn’t sound all that exciting but if you’ve been trying to figure-out why with a properly installed SSL Certificate Magento is still not playing nice, this is why.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton