Morgan’s Christmas Newsletter Is Coming To Town!


Have you been a naughty or nice Domainer this year? It doesn’t actually matter to me since my Christmas Newsletter goes to absolutely everyone who signs-up by Thursday, December 22nd! If you haven’t ready my newsletter before, here’s a recent comment from one of my subscribers:

Hey Morgan,
Just want to let you know that I always find a “gold nugget” in everyone of your newsletters.  Please keep them coming! Best, Doug

Every month I write a newsletter that is jam-packed with content. My goal is to leave every single reader inspired and with some great tools and ideas to get going the second they finish reading my newsletter. The focus of my newsletter is content and as you all probably know I’m a big fan of case studies and taking people through techniques step-by-step.

This year my newsletters have been seeing the best feedback, read rate, click-rate, and all those good things that make me know people are loving it. So for Christmas this year, I thought why not put-together my best issue ever as a Christmas gift to all my readers. I’ll be including some freebies, brand new development tips, SEO tips, and sharing one of my most recent (and effective) sales letters.

As always, what you find in my newsletter, you won’t find on my blog. This is an exclusive group of roughly 2,000 people and growing every day! I’m looking forward to welcoming many new readers this Holiday Season. If you want to end this year more excited than ever about 2012, subscribe to my newsletter by 8:00AM PST on Friday, December 23rd.

(Photo Credit: harold.lloyd on Flickr)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton