Live Tonight at 7:00PM PST

Tonight I will be broadcasting my weekly show – live at 7:00PM PST. So far Thursday night’s are looking like a good pick so I’ll try to get this as consistent as possible. Thanks again to everyone who helped make last week’s show the best we’ve ever had!

If you missed last week’s show you can watch it below:

You can watch tonight’s show live from or directly from the uStream site. The schedule is:

  1. What Bugs You
  2. Domaining Lightning Round
  3. Spotlight your Site
  4. Final Thoughts

Once again I’ll be doing a one-hour show as it’s clear that everyone likes the hour format more than 30 minutes which just never feels like enough time! Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight – don’t forget to invite some friends if you can!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton