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Last week I was in the middle of the Ocean during our regularly scheduled program. Now I’m back home and ready for another exciting episode of! This will be an action-packed episode featuring a completely new segment – live domain sales! That’s right, I’m going to be promoting a few domains that I’m selling live, and offering viewers an incredible discount.

All domains promoted through must pass my test for exact-match search volume and CPC. All of these domains get a “Develop, Develop, Develop” from me – and they are priced so anyone can afford them.

I will also let anyone who is watching the show live to enter domains that pass my test in the sales segment as well. This is another HUGE benefit to watching live!

In this episode I will be reviewing both DNCruise and TRAFFIC Miami. Even though I wasn’t able to attend TRAFFIC Miami I’ve been following the blogosphere very closely. If any of my viewers attended the event I am also welcoming them to call-in and share their experiences!

Of course wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without the Domaining Lightning Round – so get your potential development candidates ready and prepare for some “No, No, No’s”

Please see International time chart below for the time will be airing in your region.

Special thanks to my sponsor and a major supporter of the show If you haven’t yet signed-up for this list stop what you’re doing and do it now! offers some of the best deals on .TV domains I’ve ever seen – you really can’t afford to not be a subscriber!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton